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How to Play Lottery in India and Make Money | International Lottery | Online Lottery | Indian Rules

How to Play Lotteries in India and Make Money | International Lottery | Online Lottery| Indian Rules

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In this video we will discuss about the lotteries and its rules in India and rest of the world, some of the famous International or Online Lotteries are Megamillion, Euromillion, Powerball etc.
As far as Lottery Rules in India are concerned so it is legal in 13 states in India currently and Users should read all the rules carefully before buying any lottery as this video is for education purposes only.

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Sevakram Lahane : Lotto 247 is bogus. I loss 15000/ rs. No single prize from 3 month. While lottoland Asia is good. I win some amount.
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David Taylor, the Tragic Lottery Winner

David Lee Edwards did all the exact wrong things of what not to do after his lottery win. Find out all about his cautionary tale in this video!

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David Lee Edwards
David Lee Edwards on the surface seemed to have an unlucky life. He was a convicted felon from Kentucky who had spent over a third of his life behind bars. He was 46 and a high school dropout, an ex-con who went to jail for robbing a gas station 20 years before.

The Big Win
In August of 2001, a trip to the convenience store and the purchase of $7 bucks worth of lottery tickets changed everything in David’s life! The millions of dollars was about to change David’s lifestyle in ways he can’t imagine.

David chose the lump sum for his win, which paid out roughly 27 million dollars. He ended up hiring a financial adviser to help him manage his money, something that was the first big step in the right direction.

New Real Estate
How exactly did David and Shawna spend their first 3 million dollars? One major purchase was real estate, something that David at least had a chance of making money from. He and Shawna bought a house in a gated community in Florida for roughly one and a half million dollars.

New Cars
After blowing the initial 3 million dollars, David also started collecting cars. He bought a $200,000 dollar Lamborghini Diablo. He bought a $90,000 Dodge Viper. He even bought a $35,000 dollar Hummer golf cart for his eleven year old daughter Tiffani to drive around the neighborhood in!

More Spending
However, high-end cars weren't the only things that got David around. Apparently, he got tired of renting private jets just to fly between Florida and Kentucky. He decided to buy Learjet for around $1.9 million dollars!

New Advisor
But he didn’t feel that it was his fault. That’s because he went ahead and fired his first advisor, James Gibbs. He hired another adviser, Jeffrey Chandler. But he wasn’t the right guy as well apparently!

The Way Down
Not long after he sued Chandler, David filed for divorce because Shawna herself was getting out of control with her lifestyle. They ended up getting back together. But her lifestyle of using different substances was taking its toll. The money was just accelerating her behavior.

New Lien
In September of 2005, a lien was placed on their Florida house by their Homeowners Association because David owed around twenty six hundred dollars in maintenance fees and interest.

Warehouse Living
After they got kicked out, David and Shawna decided to live in a warehouse he had been renting to store all the things he bought, such as furniture and cars. Rent was a little over twenty five hundred dollars a month, and David was often late with it.

Beginning of the End
In January 2007, Shawna was able to check David into a hospital. He could barely walk. At around the same time, the warehouse owners started threatening to repossess their unit because they stopped making payments.
Suresh Thati : Buying is fine. But have a plan to fill the vacuum
Traveling Adventure Variety : Literally anything interest bearing, don’t touch the principal; and you’re good for life.
Robert fong-mow : I knew a similar story on a smaller scale. The woman won a million dollars 20 yrs ago. Blew it in 6 months because of cocaine addiction. She was my friend's sister in law. My friend said she blew everything. Didn't have money to fix her teeth. Why didn't this guy fix his ears? Somehow I believe people around him took advantage. It's a shortcoming of winning the lottery. The money predators come out of the woodwork.
Melissa Carmack-epling : Greetings n salutations from Harlan County KY.....
A Danam : Damn these two were so bad with money management. Could have lived off the interest alone☹️☹️

Learn How To Play Powerball

New to Powerball? Maybe you just want a better understanding of how to play the game? Check out our video that explains how to play Powerball. Got any questions after watching the video, send us an email to




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