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Kiryu Kazuma is a real badass

CDbiggen : That frustrating moment when you want to end the fight with a brutal uncommon heat move, but the enemy becomes a real pain in the ass.
General Reaper : I know it's just a game but you got to wonder what goes through the mind of somebody that finds it amusing to hurt something that innocent and cute
JJ : Kiryu should be the official SEGA mascot, he's the perfect character.
MR _Dener : The most underrated video game character ever ...
And then I fired And I missed : Calls in 30 people
Kiryu:You're short on men

Kiryu|KAIJU PROFILE (ft. Kyodai Kino) 【】

A Kaiju Profile on the Millennium version of Mechagodzilla, Kiryu!

Kyodai Kino's channel:

•\u0026t=26957\u0026start=220#p1553741 ("Ready Player One" Mechagodzilla)


Written by Astounding Beyond Belief, Les, The King of the Monsters, Titanollante, Kyodai Kino
Edited by Titanollante
Narrated by Kyodai Kino

Timestamps —
Intro - 0:00
Design - 1:32
History - 3:55
Abilities - 7:33
Trivia - 11:39

Hashtags: #Kiryu #Mechagodzilla #Godzilla

Godzilla and other Toho monsters © Toho Co., Ltd.
Wikizilla : Give Kyodai Kino a nice, warm welcome everyone. Sorry again for all the delays, each video takes more effort to put together. Up next is a Kaiju Profile on the HEISEI GAMERA! Took long enough, huh? That one's going to take a chunk of time too, since it's going to be a massive video. (Actually, it'll be split into at least 2 videos, like the Heisei Godzilla KP.)

As "Godzilla: King of the Monsters" approaches, we'll be upgrading the site — , so be mindful of that.
Kaiju Park : Honestly, Kiryu wanting to be freed and rest with his own species, is kinda heart warming.
Brett Z : Kiryu is the damn man. The whole thing of him being the former Godzilla in life gives him a whole new light and reallly makes you feel for him.
Yutrops : The best Mechagodzilla in my opinion.

it combined the best parts of the showa and heisei Mechagodzilla into one awesome package
ElijahBlast : Scientist: KIRYU JUST TRASHED A CITY
Other Scientist: OH NO WHAT SHOULD WE DO
Scientist:..........................................Give it more weapons
Other Scientist: GENIUS

Yakuza: Like A Dragon - Kiryu Kazuma - Boss Fight

The Dragon Of Dojima teaches Ichiban and his gang a lesson.

#yakuza7 #kiryubossfight
MadDogMajima7 : Kiryu Fight on Legend Difficulty -
StickMations : It's funny how most of kiryu's attacks are just really basic combos, some are even the first inputs but they still hit like a truck
A. Theil : That bar above Kiryu wasn't his health. It was his patience
Mr Self : Finally a game that makes the previous main character not buckle like a bitch in the sequels. I just love how kiryu really is just as unstoppable as ever
Epic Gamer : Imagine hitting someone as hard as you can and they don’t even move.




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